Riding Gear

  • Each participant will be required to use the riding gear appropriate for the practice of Enduro.
  • This riding gear can either be one’s own or rented from Enduro Tours Costa Rica. But under no circumstances can it be incomplete!
  • In the event that a participant’s riding gear is incomplete, the missing parts of the riding gear will have to be rented from Enduro Tours Costa Rica. This is critical to ensure one’s own safety.
  • The riding gear must consist of:
    • A helmet approved for cycling (European or world standards) preferably an off-road helmet. The road full-face helmet is not appropriate for hot weather;
    • A pair of protective motocross sunglasses with lenses in good condition for proper visibility, having anti-fog and preferably slightly shade;
    • A full body protection jacket: back, shoulders, elbows, chest or cross chest and elbow pads;
    • Shin guards;
    • Motocross or enduro gloves:
    • Enduro or motocross boots with reinforcements and maximum protection (▲ Trial or Trail boots or construction boots are not accepted;
    • A backpack with a hydration pack (CamelBak) and a rain jacket (windbreaker type);
    • Opcional: motocross or enduro pants → jeans are accepted with all the protections mentioned above.
    • ▲ The enduro jacket is not recommended, too hot!
In your backpack
  • A waterproof plastic bag for your phone
  • Some money
  • A pair of flip-flops
  • Shorts and t-shirts for swimming or when at the hotel
  • Our tip: 2 pants and 2 sweatshirts for the whole stay (laundry services will be available in some of the selected hotels)

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